Secret of the COVID19 new model coronavirus

In the first place I can see a rotation if I think about where the new coronavirus occurred from new coronavirus struck Japan, and it was somewhat the unsociable world.

When I heard news in the last year when it led to the agreement of the first stage though the United States was opposed to China by trade friction, am I that? Anything is smoothly agreement したんだ …. I felt this in a question.
And new year began, and new coronavirus from Wuhan, China occurred in 2020.
I knew that there was a research facility handling a pathogen (including Ebola, HIV) which is the most dangerous in the world of bio safety level 4 in Wuhan, China later, but is the notice infected with from the thing which ate the bat in the market ん? Suspicious! I still think of this. Because culture to eat a wild animal of the field taste was in China until now, why suddenly? This is because it thought of this.
The structure of the new coronavirus resembles HIV closely very much and, according to the commentary of the researcher, goes down and seems to be more likely to be an artificial virus.
Then why is it? Anyone for the purpose of anything? A thing called this became mysterious, but I arrived at the thought of a certain person.

Expectations of the Gates foundation

He established Gates foundation and financed a study of the coronavirus (in fact, an American patent: a patent). And in late years what do they need to prevent abnormal weather by the warming of the earth? The CO2 is going to control the world population by the cause, a pathogen and the vaccine of the thought that I can reduce dramatically if I bring the world population close to zero about a thing called this.
↓ reference
If it surely thinks on a global scale, it increases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and, because of the self-centered human production activity, it is reliable that abnormal weather continues breaking out for it.
Furthermore, Bill Gates is doing simulation when I spread over the world in 2017 and is doing the estimate that 60 million infected people appear in first six months.
In other words, it will be “experiment” itself strangely now that takes place.
I think calmly, and will a virus spread over the world with the equal speed? Can the coming and going of the world tourist really say that it is all causes?
I think that I can think with the biological and chemical weapons which I scattered in the atmosphere by some method when I think so.

Does the closure society begin?

As a result, damage and the closure society where it is economical to bring. the event that the people including sports and the live gather for recently is … which is the disposal to appear in the company which goes bankrupt without drifting, and the inbound effect being able to anticipate the economy improvement by the foreign currency income in spite of being a matter of course of the cancellation.
in brief, I think that this is the economic warfare that China or Gates foundation set personally.
And, as for the Tokyo Olympics, there was the news called the examination in no audiences from United States and WHO. Originally the franchise of the Olympics is in the American TV station and contracts a broadcasting station and the franchise of each country, but, in Japan, inbound effect zero, the United States are moistened if this becomes exactly like that. And composition that the Gates foundation is moistened with the vaccine which they developed is completed.
It is China and the United States and the U.K. that are by the expectations that do not want to let you end behind the scenes.
And it must be that it is sad that there is the power that is going to diminish Japan.
For these past several weeks, I reduce the traffic of the person by the self-restraint request, but the economical reaction will become the thing since the Lehman shock if I do not end.
Sorry, it is … in being just the opinion of one person.